it’s mine and my girlfriend's anniversary today please go tell her nice things

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Another palette I did a while back for Lynn!

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My Lepitsune Kade, who’s a species by Jay!

My Lepitsune Kade, who’s a species by Jay!

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Personal Blog!

I just finished revamping my personal blog! I made it a bit more casual so I could post more text posts/sketches/fandom stuff without feeling guilty. I also added an about page with my tags. It’s still gonna be mostly inspiration if anyone’s interested in that kind of thing though!

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I’ve totally fallen in love with pattern making as of late. Top row is mine, second row is Sweep's and third row is Taya's!

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some commission stuff from the past few months!!

(im still open for commissions, by the way. wink wink)

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Batch of Flatrate Rosales eggs!

You can claim one on dA / FA / Weasyl

I’m also holding a short 24hr auction for a custom one, which you can find on dAFA and Weasyl! I’ve included some custom examples in the photoset.

Like my commissions these go towards visiting my girlfriend this November, so please consider signal boosting!

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Anonymous said: hello! your artwork is simply gorgeous. I was just wondering what brushes you use to shade? it always looks so soft and smooth. <3

Again, it’s the Stumpy Pencil brush with some settings tweaked :)

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thatmarsupicat said: Oh my gosh so first of all, your art is absolutely gorgeous and super inspiring! Secondly, if you don't mind the question: what size canvases do you work on, and what brushes do you use? ;v; thank you so much for this inspiration!!

Thank you! My canvas sizes usually range from 800x for smaller things like chibis to between 1500x to 2000x for larger stuff. My brushes are the Stumpy Pencil brushes in Photoshop, you can find them by googling and they should be the first result!

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some chibi comms I took recently!

commission info

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